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UFC returns to Kiwi shores 'sooner rather than later'

UFC Returns to New Zealand
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parviz iskenderov

Parviz Iskenderov

Muay Thai-boxer, World Kickboxing Network (WKN) International coordinator for Australia, editor of FIGHTMAG.

yolanda the springbok schmidt

Schmidt Hits Stream in Highlight

Knockout video compilation of Australia’s female muaythai fighter of the year Yolanda Schmidt broke the news this morning.

UFC Returns to New Zealand

UFC Brings Second Round to New Zealand

The second treat is coming for Kiwi MMA admires since more than 18 months when the debut UFC event highlighted Auckland in June 2014.

robert powdrill

Powdrill Puts Fighting on Hold

Unfortunately we won’t see Australian star in action for some time.

Mark Hunt and Frank Mir

Mark Hunt Says Boxing Is Primitive

Australian UFC star Mark Hunt says boxing is a primitive sport in comparison with mixed martial arts and slowly the country he loves is realising how pure the art of fighting is.

Life + Style
Jorge Acero Cali becomes the president of Honorable Council in Escobar

‘Acero’ Cali Becomes President of HCD

Former four-time WKN kickboxing world champion from Argentina, Jorge ‘Acero’ Cali has been voted as a new president of City Council of Escobar in Buenos Aires region.

Fight & Beauty
ufc australia ring girl

Kahili Blundell In UFC Top Spot

There is no need in the modelling agency when UFC is right here in Australia.

Silver Screen
Sylvester Stallone fought for Drama genre

Sylvester Stallone Fought Back to Top

Iconic cinematic boxer Sylvester Stallone almost lost hope to make his way back into drama, though ‘Creed’ with his ‘best-friend Rocky’ brought an Oscar nomination.

Editor's Blog
world champion ring, wkn gold ring

FIGHTMAG + Acero2015 “Made in WKN”

WKN president Stephane Cabrera has made a historical transcontinental link between Australia and Argentina.